“I think he’s dead.” That was the first thing I remember when I regained my consciousness. It all started when my friend Larry showed up at my apartment. He was bragging about the size of the rock he scored from his brother.  At 25, I really didn’t think that I had anything to worry about. I started doing cocaine at parties, but I never bought it. Then I started buying cocaine for parties, but I never did it during the week. Then I started doing if every day. That leads us back to the story. Larry and I were flying high on our way to my buddy’s house party in the Hills. We were so yacked out by the time we got there, that we had to take a few minutes to collect ourselves. After 4 shady trips to the bathroom I was talking faster than an auctioneer and sweating like stuck pig. The last thing I thought to myself before passing out was; “Did I finally over do it?”  Call Pathways now and start your recovery today. 888-973-0130.
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Apparently I had passed out with my eyes open and that caused a just a bit of an alarm. My buddy started freaking out and everyone was about ready to dial 911 to report a corpse. That’s when I realized I was given a second chance. Yes, I was embarrassed, but I couldn’t help but think that I almost died. I tried quitting 2 months ago, but the stress got to me and I started back up again. I went online and I discovered Pathways rehab. They had a Pathways location in Malibu and Ventura. I checked out a few of the Pathways reviews and read about people sharing their personal Pathways program. There were many success stories and I thought to myself; I can be successful too. I just need a little help. Call a Pathways drug addiction treatment center and change your life today. 888-973-0130.
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It wasn’t anything like I expected. Sure the pictures on the website looked great, but it seemed much warmer and inviting when I visited the Pathways drug treatment center for myself. The Pathways addiction center provides Pathways inpatient treatment and Pathways outpatient treatment. Regardless, it all starts with a Pathways detox. A Pathways detoxification prepares you for the road ahead and gives you a clean plate to start with. You can’t over-look the importance of the Pathways detox program. I’m not sure if you can opt for Pathways alcohol rehabilitation, but I certainly can say that Pathways drug rehabilitation worked for me and it can work for you. Call the Pathways phone number at 888-973-0130.
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Looking back, I would refer anyone with a drug problem to check into Pathways rehab. A Pathways drug residential treatment center is available if you’re ready to take action. Once you call the Pathways treatment center, you can be confident that you’re taking control of you life again. Call the Pathways center at 888-973-0130.
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